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I will reply to myself :-), I've got it working with PIC18 microcontroller, but it should work with Arduino too. The only issue was with CTS/RTS handshaking. For more info see documentation http://www.microvga.com/docs. Advantage of using PIC18 was that free "turbo-vision-like" user interface library is available (http://www.microvga.com/conio-lib).


Hi guys, I found it very easy to connect my 4D systems board to the arduino, it was just connecting the 5V, the ground and the TX pins of the arduino to the appropriate pins on the uVGA. I have to be honest and say that I actually completely ignored the handshake aspect of it - but I did not run into any issues.

Mike Mc

Any documentation of pictures of this?

Will Pickering


The MicroVGA works great with the Arduino.  It also provides PS2 keyboard input.

In stock here @ http://FunGizmos.com
Will -  FunGizmos.com

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