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The post from eastons made me realize that only the SDA line needs to be switched. The CLK lines can go to both i2c devices. So you only need to connect the two SDA lines to the 4052 .

Looking forward to reading about how you get on.

BTW, I would think the circuit in eastons link would work with BJT transistors. If so, that solution may be cheaper.


What you need is an I2C address spoofer.  :D

It has an SCL pass-through and an SDA in and an SDA out. A register inside holds the address of the device that has duplicate addresses and the spoofer itself has A0-A3 sub-address pins and a base address that puts it out of the way of most things. Then it's a simple matter for the spoofer to insert the register address at the correct time and pass the other data through unchanged when it's appropriate.

8-) 8-) 8-)


What you need is an I2C address spoofer.  

Got a part number?

We keep ours in the cabinet next to the cable stretchers and spare bit buckets.  :)



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I can never remember that number but mine are in the same drawer with the round tuits. ;)

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