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I will try to boil this down.  I have identical programs on the ArduinoMega and the Arduino Nove units.  When I compile them and try to run them on each with it's own version of the compile, only one of them worked.  I found that if setup on a diferent pin, each program would then work. That is wierd. Also, I had needed to use the pin9 that was assigned for the Right Servo on something else and the Piezo Speaker that was on pin 11 for something else. Now, it won't let me do a simple BEEP! on a diferent PIN. I thought through software that you could use ANY pin as long as digital and Analog were used on the same type and you defined everything with software. I am wondering now, whether I have BLOWN some of my ports.



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I know this is a pretty basic question, but are changing the board with the 'Tools > Board' menu each time you upload to one of your two boards?

You may be doing that, since you say "... on each with it's own version of the compile, ..." but you do need to do that every time you upload to the other board, and you would get something like the results you describe if you forgot to do that each time.

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