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I wanted to use Netlab toolkit as it seem to be a simple way to interface the arduino card with a web page.

I wanted to know if it's possible to use it over the Internet. even if I change the serverhupIP setting I can't use it over my local network nor Internet, but only on the serverhub computer.

Id anyone have a clue I would appreciate it.


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I'm not sure exactly what you are asking here, but I can tell you the basics of how the NETLab Toolkit works.

It allows a Flash client application that you design and construct with NETLab Widgets to communicate with a server application called the NETLAB Hub. The Hub can be running on any computer, not just the one on which the Flash application is running. The communication between the Flash Widgets and the Hub is via sockets, so any IP address that is not blocked by a firewall is possible.

The computer on which the Hub is running can have an Arduino connected to it, and so a Flash application can be sending and receiving data to and from an Arduino at a remote location.

Does that answer your question?

Information about NETLab can be found here, on its website. There are some video tutorials there also that show you, step-by-step, how to connect the Arduino to the Flash application.

Let me know if I can answer any other questions.


Philip van Allen

The NETLab Toolkit widgets require that a Hub be running on the local machine. It can access the feeds from a remote hub by changing the IP address of remotehubIP, but it still needs the local Hub running.

It requires the local Hub running because that Hub handles the saving/retrieval of all the on-screen settings from a local XML file.

I've considered making the widgets just go to their default parameter values if it does not find a local hub, which would then make it possible to run with no local Hub and access sensor feeds from a remote Hub.

We're also considering creating an interface to Pachube.com (pronounced "Patch Bay"), which would allow users to access any feed in the world.



I sit corrected. Phil is the developer of NETLab...


Thanks for all the reply.

It seem a wonderful piece of software, but I think I will have to search for another solution.

To be honest I'm searching for a solution to remote control my motor for almost a year...  

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