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Ive got a bluetooth module from hmsoft (4.o BLE smart) hooked up to my MEGA on ports 10/11 and on 3.3V/GND.  I plug it into my usb port on my mac and my android can see it and even paired with it.

But for some reason I am unable to connect to the device once paired.  What I mean by that is that at first I thought it was my poor understanding of appinventor2 and android studio, which could be because Im rusty on android.  But then I downloaded about 10 apps from the play store which should at least connect to a bt device but they all hang after I pick the hmsoft module from the picker list:

BlueSPP (which I used before with an hc-05 that I no longer have)
Bluetooth Terminal
Android Blue
Bluetooth Terminal by some other dev
BT Simple Terminal
Arduino bluetooth
3 different android studio apps I have
2 different appinventor2 apps I made

I feel the connection may be requested to the bt module but it is not "accepted" automatically by the bt module.  As if I had to do something on the bt module side to accept the incoming request.

Is there a way to view what the bt module is seeing?  Like thru the dev/tty terminal or a program like Coolterm?  I think this would require a usb-ttl module, right? 

Can anyone guide me on this?



There is an app for iOS that makes using the HM-10 easy to use. It is for a single pin output. There is also a link the sketch for it. I used it with Arduino Nano, HM-10, a Relay, junction box, and an outlet to turn my room light off at night without getting out of my bed. The app is FatBeard HM10 here https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/fatbeard-hm10/id1198432512?mt=8

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