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I am trying to replace my serial monitor with Gobetwino, in order to get a time signature and log to text file the messages I'm currently displaying on the serial monitor with serial.print. So far so good.

HOWEVER, I currently also use the serial monitor to send a key that Arduino looks for by using serial.read. How can I send a key from  Gobetwino to be read by Arduino?

Also, is there a way to get milliseconds in the time signature displayed by Gobetwino?



might be best to post a query on the gobetwino blog. http://mikmo.dk/blog/.

I'd be interested in hearing about your experiences though.


I don't think that is possible, but ill try to think of a workaround.

There is currently no way to get the milliseconds from GoBetwino.

I see a couple of nice ideas here, a small text area and a "send this" button, and a debug command that willl just display some message from Arduino.

I'm working on an update for GoBetwino, but it's going a bit slow because i have a new born baby in the house :-)


yes, a 'send this' button would be perfect!!!
I'll be on the lookout for that update.
Congrats on the new addition to the family !! :-))

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