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Hey, everyone.  I apologize if this has been asked before, but I couldn't find it in the search here...

Hardware MIDI inputs send data through the Arduino's RX port.  I'd like to add several such inputs to a project, but I only have one such port on the Duemilanove.

Should I be looking to multiplex those somehow, or would an Arduino Mega be more appropriate to my needs?


EDIT (thinking out loud):

I have seen many references online to multiplexing serial output, but input is another story.  I mean, output's under my control, so I can manage the flow of traffic.  Input's less predictable, and I can't begin to guess what would break.

It looks like the Arduino Mega would indeed handle this (searching for "Arduiono Mega Serial" cleared up a lot)

In fact, I should link this post  for my own reference later:

I'd still like to confirm that the other idea's no good, though.   ::)



The SoftwareSerial library might also work for this.  Maybe.



Unless you have control over when you will receive MIDI input transmissions then
you would be much better off with either (1) a uC with multiple serial ports or (2) multiple uC's. Otherwise, you will loose the data that is transmitted by the un-addressed channels.

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