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I was wondering if its possible to take an unchipped arduino and make it work sending data diretly via serial.

Talking in a very minimalist way, I'd like to send:
" digitalWrite(13,HIGH); "  in a terminal program, and arduino would turn the led on.

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You can use Bitlash to control your Arduino over the serial port per your example.  Check out http://bitlash.net for more.

Re: "unchipped", perhaps you could say a little more about what you mean.  You can upload Bitlash to the ATMega328 and then pull the chip out of the Arduino chassis to run it in any one of the many stripped-down or breadboard configurations people have posted here.  Is that what you meant?



I'm afraid not, all you'll be able to get out of the board without an Arduino chip is the USB to Serial chip on board! And the regulated power supply :) lol

All commands are done internally on the chip.


Try to check Firmata.


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