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Nov 24, 2009, 09:13 am Last Edit: Nov 24, 2009, 09:18 am by jykim2 Reason: 1
hi guys, i confronted a bit complex problem when i was working on
a small project. it's using 2 irs connected with one arduino board,
and i'm trying to send 2 values that i got from 2 irs via board to Flash.

a part of code for arduino below


firstSensor = analogRead(0);
   Serial.print(firstSensor, DEC);
   Serial.print(0, BYTE);          
 delay (50);


as you see, one irs input connected with num. 0 socket,

and a part of flash script below


serialServer = new XMLSocket ();  
serialServer.connect ("", 9001);

serialServer.onData = function (data) {

     //   'data' contains the value received from arduino,


with this code,
i have no problem with just one IRS ,  sent value to Flash and receive it and use it.

but what i wonder is ,
how can i send 2 IRS values from one Arduino board and receive it with FLASH?

i can't figure out the conception of receiving 2 seperated values in Flash from one Arduino board via Serial ..

plz give me a lesson  :'(

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