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This is my attempt to use a bike speedometer head as a waterproof serial LCD display - initially I was just using it to show what gear the bike is in.   The good news is, it's serial, it's waterproof, it's simple to drive.  The bad news is it's meant to be a bicycle speedometer!  It doesn't want to register very low speeds so I couldn't just run 1mph for first gear etc.  I tried a bunch of things
  • and what I settled on was driving it at gear*10+"a bit" kph - the gear number shows up in the 10's digit of the speed.  In principle you could mask off or disable the other digits but then you have a more limited display.


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As to mounting the module, I would say it's meant to mount by machine screws or other small bolts - maybe to standoffs on the circuit board - mine certainly has holes in each corner.

They can be mounted this way, as shown in the picture:

Matrix Orbital supply a kit with all bits required to mount an LCD display at http://www.matrixorbital.com/mk2021bk-black-vinyl-overlay-p-1080.html, though it only fits 20x2 displays.
They also have a 20x4 version.


I think my final product will use a commercial bezel.  I see now that digikey has the "Proud" products and there's one that looks perfect for the 8X2 displays

Oracle provided the measurements:

I just measured a 2x16 display I have.  The bezel is 71.4x27mm.

And it appears that Proud make a bezel with a suitable "PANEL CUT-OUT" at 1.0625in x 2.750in. (essentially 27x71.4 mm)
So, it looks like you can also use a 16x2 display.


If someone can provide the exact size that the open bezel wants to be and where the holes are (and hole size) then I could get a few laser cut on the cheap, should be less than $2 each (then +postage)...

I will do a few tests for a 20x4 display, because that is what I have, and I'll get back to you with more info...

I'm also doing some other stuff you may be intersted in:



what I've been trying to figure out is how to mount the LCD in a panel exposed to the elements.

I'll be way interested in your efforts.

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