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What is the default pwm frequency(s) for arduino 018 and on what pins?
I have some older H-bridge boards that can only do up to 1khz and don't want to fry them...

Gavin ;D


Can you change the freq on PWM?  

I just looked at the PWM last night with 0018 and it was around 500 hz.  My O'scope showed .490khz, but don't expect to be exact.

Question for others - does all versions of IDE not have the same freq for PWM?  Change it be changed?

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Thank you for the links AWOL - I have learned something today.

I see the PWM pins on the Arduino are of two freqs - around 500hz and 1000 hz, depending on pin number.  The freq can be changed, but that also changes the functions that depend on timer used i.e. millis, delay, etc.

Thank you for sharing info.

Ken H.

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