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Hi all.

I would like to use Arduino2009 to :
 1. Acquire analog data
 2. Work on data (conversion, mathematical operations)
 3. Send them over the air (with Zigbee modules)
 4. Log them on SD card

Everything is OK for the first 3 steps.

To log data on SD card, I use the logomatic V2 data logger. My problem is that I want to use RTC on logomatic to add a timestamp to arduino's measured data.

It seems I have to update / create a specific firmware to load on the logger through SparkFun LPC2148 USB bootloader.
I just found this on the web http://forum.sparkfun.com/viewtopic.php?p=65542 and unfortunately, it sounds a bit like chinese to me.

Do you know where to get kind of complete information ? (firmware extension files, detailled instruction on RTC activation, ...)
Does someone succeeds in writing timestamp with logomatic V2 ?



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