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Its not on my arduino yet.  I did what you said then I clicked the play button to make sure there was no errors and the brownish redish bar came up.  But whats wierd is it said nothing.


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Did you change the text in the sketch to try and induce an error?
Did you do anything other than click the play button?
Try setting the compiler to verbose output. The information is available  on the main site on how to do this.


No, I didn't change the text at all.  Yes, all I did was click the play button.  I'll try the verbose output.


I turned on the verbose output but the same bar shows up.  If sombody tells me how to upload a pic I will take a screen shot.


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Good news!!!!
DevicePrint is not impossible to make work!!
Well at least with the arduino fourm.

This is what I got:
uFat / DevicePrint Demo
2009 arduinonut.blogspot.com

All initialised OK!

And poof.

I did three things, first, in libraries I changed wconstants to WConstants as well as wprogram to WProgram.  Second, I built sirmorris's circuit instead of some other thing.  Third made sure there was a file on my SD card named data.txt and some data on it(I put 11mb of "B") on it.  Thats it!!

Thanks sirmorris and everybody else!!!! :)

Does anybody know how to make it write over the 512 bytes?

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