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Still not quite enough information...

How many steps per revolution?

There is a Stepper library that can easily be use to drive the stepper motor. You tell it haw many steps in a complete revolution. Then, tell it to step the motor.

Since you want the stepper motor to act like a servo, you will need to keep track of where it is, and whether the motor should step forwards or backwards to get from the old position to the new position.


soz if im being a bit thick how do you count the steps is it as simple as counting the clicks at you rotate the shaft?


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how do you count the steps

You look at the data sheet for your stepper motor. It will tell you that.

Also, the design of the driver will determine whether half steps, quarter steps, or eighth steps are possible.

Or, you experiment...


Chris Parish

Ok, so we have no information; lets try and get some.

1) What is the chip in the picture?

2) Can you make the motor do anything?

3) are there any numbers on the motor?

If you can give me the chip number and/or the numbers on the motor I might be able to help you.


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