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Hi guys , need a free USB OscilloScope?

Try this one !



- using the software from SOR

- Use ADC of Arduino to read an analog voltage
- Use the Serial.println of Arduino to SOR Scope and get the graphic


Thanks for the hint.

I did some experimentation with http://xoscope.sourceforge.net/ and the soundcard. But it had some severe limitations:
- limited voltage range, unless you add some voltage dividers and switches
- AC coupling, unless you know which capacitor to remove from the soundcard
- limited sampling frequency of usually 44kHz

So, I bought a http://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/backorder-dso-nano-pocket-size-digital-storage-oscilloscope-p-512.html?cPath=11.
Some people complain, it's not a professional device. But for me, it does the job really well. Finally I could dispose my ancient CRT ocilloscope.

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