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Hey guys,

I just got my Arduino board recently. I'm a coder at heart so I'm really used to the MS Visual Studio 2005 work flow. Does anyone know how I can set up Visual Studio to use the AVR compiler? The compiler is somewhere in the IDE's program directory so which exe it is specifically and how its command line works would be great. Also some information on how to use avrdude manually to upload the binary as a post-build step? Thanks a lot!


If you set build.verbose and upload.verbose to true in your preferences file, you'll get the command lines that the IDE is using to compile and upload your sketch.  That should help get you started.


I am trying to program in C++ with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and I am wondering if there are any examples or tutorials on how to include the header files that is used to communicate with Arduino Board.  


Arduino in Visual Studio Beta

I'm keen to hear from anyone that would like to beta test an arduino extension for visual studio called Visual Micro. The extension makes it easy to build on new or existing sketches.

Visual Micro maintains sketch compatibility with arduino whilst allowing visual studios C++ intellisense to work with ANY core and ALL libraries.

The product is "boards.txt" and "serial port" aware, retains the board and port per project and allows arduino library folders to be added via a single menu click.

For anyone who doesn't know or can't remember arduino class, struct and method names the intellisense is very useful. You can read more about more Visual Micro features here http://www.visualmicro.com

If you would like to register as a beta tester please send us an mailto://beta@visualmicro.com or use the link on the Visual Micro home page.


Visual Micro Development Team

Coding Badly

What do the testers recieve for their time?


What versions of Visual Studio does the add-in work with?
The art of getting good answers lies in asking good questions.


I would love to have a play with it. Will email you when I get home.


Hi All,

Visual Micro...

Testers get to use the product early and to benefit from the product. Also having the opporunity to make suggestions.

It should work with Visual Studion 2005,2008,2010 but that's what the beta test is about

It is an addin so it is up to you to ensure that your microsoft licence agreement permitts you to install addins :)

The basic version will be free


A CodeBlocks plugin would also be interesting...


Do you mean sample arduino code blocks in Visual Studio, intellisense style?

If so, yes I think you we are on the same track

The ability to "show related code snippet" example(s) for the current code line, with a "click to insert" option?

If not please then please do explain further

In any event keep the ideas coming




Or was I just being a bit thick and you were simply talking about being able to expand and collapse functions in the editor.

Yes that's nice too  :)


The art of getting good answers lies in asking good questions.


I googled it but just get a lot of techy stuff.

I only have so much time spare at the moment so maybe you can explain more


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That doesn't sound like a CodeBlocks plugin is around the corner...
Sorry, I was not clear enough.
Here is what I was referring to : http://www.codeblocks.org/


Oh yes, I see what you mean. I had considered a winavr plugin. It would be quite simple, I'll have a play when i get a mo.

What appealed most about visual studio was the intellisense. Does code blocks provide intellisense for all source files included in the project?

Oh and the most important question does code blocks support CTRL/SHIFT+INS for copy paste? Call me old fashioned!!

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