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What versions of Visual Studio does the add-in work with?


I would love to have a play with it. Will email you when I get home.


Hi All,

Visual Micro...

Testers get to use the product early and to benefit from the product. Also having the opporunity to make suggestions.

It should work with Visual Studion 2005,2008,2010 but that's what the beta test is about

It is an addin so it is up to you to ensure that your microsoft licence agreement permitts you to install addins :)

The basic version will be free


A CodeBlocks plugin would also be interesting...


Do you mean sample arduino code blocks in Visual Studio, intellisense style?

If so, yes I think you we are on the same track

The ability to "show related code snippet" example(s) for the current code line, with a "click to insert" option?

If not please then please do explain further

In any event keep the ideas coming



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