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is there any kind of emulator to simulate an atmega168 or an arduino diecimilla?
I am  learning and i dont like to burn my electronics components.


Still looking for. Has anyone probe proteus and simulating an atmega168 or the arduino?


I looked a little bit to see if any of the open source Atmel simulators might be easily modifiable (or usable as-is) to be a useful Arduino simulator.  Alas, what I discovered was that there don't seem to be any AVR simulators that are being actively worked on.  There were a couple that are on sourceforge, but appear to be all but abandoned (GNU AVR Simulator, latest file 2002;  IMAVR, latest 2004; AVRsimu, latest 2005; Quasi - new but non-existent, AVRSIM: 2005, AVRora (in java!): 2005, simulAVR; "transitioning to simulAVRxx"; whose last change was in 2005.)

Sigh.   I thought AVRora was particularly interesting; they provide an interface to gdb, so you'd get source-level debugging almost for free.  But it's a pretty huge school project, and doesn't appear to be active.

Windows users can try Atmel's AVR Studio...


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Can i simulate the atmega 168 with the bootloader file on Avrstudio?
I saw that proteus software can simulate various atmegas but my question is how to simulate arduino board with it, with eagle file into the simulation.
If it is posible this would be a great idea to tryng virtual circuits or sensors without buying components before a sucessfull working project.


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