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I have a fairly big MIDI converter program that doesn't work quite right.
This stripped down code has the same problem:
Code: [Select]

int ledPin =  13;
int trigger = 3;

void setup()   {                
 pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT);
 pinMode(trigger, OUTPUT);

 digitalWrite(trigger, HIGH);

 // Serial port as MIDI

void loop()                    
 while (Serial.available() > 0)
   byte in = Serial.read();
   if (in == 0x90)  // 90 = keydown midi channel 1

void doTrigger()
 digitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH);
 digitalWrite(trigger, LOW);
 digitalWrite(ledPin, LOW);
 digitalWrite(trigger, HIGH);

Wait for a key down and the just flip the pin and the LED for 1ms.

It works IF I hit the keys on my MIDI keyboard fairly slow to normal, speeding it up just a little, not anywhere near fast, it doesn't trigger.

I looked at the MIDI sent in a MIDI-monitor, nothing strange there.

Any suggestions?


Martin Gerken

BTW: you will not see the LED blink if it's ON for only 1 ms. (sorry, no idea for your primary problem)


I actually see the LED flash, and the trigger is connected to my Synth so I can also hear when it's working.


Are you sure you are not sending a lot of other information from the MIDI keyboard?, like polyphonic aftertouch, and all that stuff, so you are flooding your serial connection ?

Just a shot in the dark .-)


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No aftertouch but my keyboard sends out a 0xfe (Active sense) frequently, i'd say about 4 each second.
I still think there would be plenty of time to receive and process midi messages without loosing any key downs.


Im out of ideas, anyone?

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