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I just downloaded the Arduino development suite and have immediately run into a problem that I'm hoping someone here can help me with.  The IDE launches, but the pull down menus are initially blank.  After mousing around, some of the text shows up, but not all and not consistently.  I do have the latest Java runtime, updated from Sun tonight for Windows XP.  Any idea what I'm doing wrong?




I have this sometimes on vista. Does yours go away if you re-click the menu item? or does it always appear blanked out until you move your mouse around?


It's pretty strange.  I seem to be able to "wake up" the text in the tools menu by hovering over the COM menu.  After that, the help and sketch menus show up, but edit and file don't.  They all go away and need to be "refreshed" via the tools menu.  It seems pretty complex and I'm guessing it's a Java problem on my computer.


I have XP as well, and I get this.. but only when I first plug in a board. But only the Tools menu, and it generally loads after like 5 seconds. (I'm assuming just the Serial port initializing.)

Have you moved any of the folders of the arduino-0017 file?  You could try downloading again and installing it to a different directory.

Sounds like a connection problem, maybe the IDE just keeps trying to reset/connect to the board, using all the resources for the IDE.

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