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The keypad input is a number. The output to the LCD is numeric, sent using the print function(s) of the lcd library.

Which LCD library, if any, are you using?
Which keypad library, if any, are you using?

Sending keypad data to the lcd should be a trivial.
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Hi Paul
Thanks for taking the time to reply.   The "print fucnction(s) of the LCD library" is where I'll go look next ;D

LCD library used is LiquidCrystal.h
Keypad library is Keypad.h

I'm sure it IS trivial! :'( but ability, experience and knowledge are some of the factors in making it so.  Sadly I have only a little of one and none of the other two of those attributes.  ;D

But, I am having fun exploring this amazing world!


Presumably, you are displaying something on the LCD now. Right? That's how you know it works...

Presumably, you are displaying some information that tells you the correct key value was read. Right? Using Serial.print?

Change how the key in data is validated, from Serial.print to LCD.print.
The art of getting good answers lies in asking good questions.


Yes and yes. LCD and keypad both working with example sketches, albeit on different arduinos.
Just merged the sketches and got a "keypad operated matrix screen saver"!  :-[

I'll have a play! lol


i am having probs with my lcd4bit code and when  i verify and then upload it is tell me the in function 'void loop()'; error: 'key' was not declared in this scops in funtion 'in get-key(unsigned int)':


I'm sure one of the GODS will be able to help far better than I can but;  

My problem above was horribly simple...  I had checked it several times and would have bet the house that it was correct!  But a typo / wrong syntax was the problem that I didn't see!

LCD.print was the answer I was looking for.  Problem solved and project completed!  

Try posting the code up here if that doesn't work for you?    


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"get[glow]-[/glow]key" is either a typo in your post or your original sketch, but either way, is not a valid function name."get_key" is valid.

[edit]OK, I guess it was a typo in your post:
this scops in funtion
. You're going to have to post your sketch.[/edit]
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Has I have advised before in this thread (9th January) lose the lcd4bit library, it outdated and a poor kludge.  Use the included LiquidCrystal library and adjust the pin numbers and all the example sketches will work.  Its there in one of my earlier posts.........

The vendors still shipping these things advising the use of the lcd4bit library, need their genitalia adjusting.

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