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I am currently sending OSC (Open Sound Control) messages using Max/MSP's UDPsend and UDPreceive to control Reaktor from my Arduino.  

But I would like to be able to take Max/MSP out of the equation and talk straight to Reaktor.  Is it possible to have the Arduino send and receive OSC information natively, without intermediary software?

Also, a bonus would be to also send and receive MIDI at the same time, so the same device could be used either as a standalone MIDI controller or as a computer-based OSC controller.  Is any of this possible and if so where should I be researching this?


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Anyone?   :)

(don't you hate it when you are researching something online and come across your own posts in the search results?)


Arduino can send and receive OSC formatted messages and data (see for example, d.tools for Arduino: http://hci.stanford.edu/dtools/arduino.html).  However, most (all?) programs expect OSC messages to arrive over UDP, not a serial port, and so you need some program in-between to transfer messages across.  Monome has a program that does something like this (http://monome.org/data/app/monomeserial), but you'd need to use their protocol for the serial communication.


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Yeah, I've actually been talking to someone about writing me a monomeserial type driver, but I was hoping that somehow OSC really is the new MIDI.

But if I understand correctly, OSC will never work as a stand-alone protocol between machines, like MIDI, but will always require a computer?

I was imagining a little CPU or microprocessor on a card that could allow a device be recognized as a UDP client/host, but maybe that's a little too 2010.  Will do more reading on UDP before I daydream more.

...or maybe that is why Lemur/Dexter has an Ethernet port in it?  Do Jazzmutant users run a driver, too?


Well, typically (AFAIK), OSC messages go over UDP, so you can send them from any machines with ethernet support.

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