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I am new to processing. I have a small arduino based bot that is controlled remotely by a processing app. This bot also now hosts a wi-fi IP camera. I am trying to embed the camera feed web page from the camera in the Processing app so that I can control the bot remotely and see the IP Camera feed at the same time
I have looked quite a lot for a simple library I could incorporate into my Processing app that would display the web page but have not found anything yet
Appreciate any help provided


'Regular Java' has a JPanel that will display HTML:


You may have to turn the Java app round so that you have a Java Swing user interface that calls the communications part of your Processing code.
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Why not put your video and controls in a web page? The below is somewhat of an example.

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Thank you for your advice. I really belive there must be a way to do this in processing with an embedded web page. Surely somebody has embedded a web page/browser in a processing app ?

tks again

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