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Hi all,

I've a quistion; has somebody used the INQUIRY command that is in the IWRAP manual?
I'm trying to use it to search for other devices in teh area and save the Bluetooth adresses in a array, but I don't get the information back to the arduino or to processing. Could somebody give me a lead were to search for more information or a good example how to use the commands from the manual on the way that I could use the information that I get back from the bluetooth module.

Thanks in advance.

Gr... Arjen


i've done it
the only thing is that the data comes back to arduino when it's not connected to the computer... if the computer is
connected the arduino "Serial" port is busy talking to it.

there are two ways...
1 send the escape code to switch to command mode... send inquiry... collect the data.. send the escape again
(now you're back in contact with the comp) and send the data back to the computer.

2 display the data on an lcd display on the arduino.


Thanks for your response!

I'm trying to get the first option working. Sending the escape command has worked. But then I get a problem with saving all the incoming data. I think the problem is that I never know how much data is comming back, so that I can save it in a sting and send it later back to the computer. I'm also not sure about when the INQUIRY has ended so that I can send again the escape command and send the data back.

Could you help me with those problems?



Is it possible to use the multiplexing mode to control the IWRAP module and the computer at the same time?


One of the problems with saving your data in an array is memory usage. You have only 1k of memory available so you can't make a huge array. I tried increasing the serial buffer but it didn't work either. I don't get the complete response from the WT11 and after the initial output of the WT11 it always sends 14 characters at a time. I don't have a clue what is going on.

Multiplexing would be interesting. BUT, if you set the WT11 to multiplexing and you want to change something of the WT11 parameters you have a problem, unless multiplexing is working flawless right away. Because in multiplexing the ASCII commands don't work anymore. You might try to escape this with the SET CONTROL BIND for a command issued by a signal on a pin of the WT11. But, I have had no luck yet with the hardware control on the WT11 pio's.

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