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Im looking for a really simplified tutorial on how to create a interface in flash (one button) that will then turn on and off a LED on the ardunio board. Are there any tutorials out there ? could anyone help me with how to create a tutorial that will show this. I have already got the glue 3 interface working. thanks


Are you talking USB or Ethernet for Flash on your computer to talk to the Arduino?

I haven't heard of glue 3 and Google gave me ambiguous results.

What's glue 3?
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Im using a usb connection. glue 3 was a bundle of the serproxy in it and a flash application called moniter that allows you to controll different outputs on the arduino. Im just trying to find a simplified version of this that will allow me to create a button in flash that will turn a button on an off on the ardunioboard.


i have a simple example here with flash, as3 glue, and firmata.


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Is this possible to use Arduino with FLASH but in AS2 ?????
I only code in AS2, ... i know AS3 is better, but .. i have just 1 lifetime, ... it will ask me too much time to learn AS3 ..
Someone already use flash AS2 with Arduino ???

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