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I am interested in the project.  Is there anybody will take it further together?


Just wondering if there is any interest GM VPW communication?? I have rewritten the code from the site I posted awhile ago to run on an atmega168 with arduino.. It's still rough but it runs just fine.. I'm forking off the main program idea to monitoring and sniffing certain packets so I am stopping work on the main idea.. I can work on putting a post together with the main program code and describe or link to sites with the required schematics.. Maybe someone wants to play and refine it some more?

Basically it is just code for the general motors VPW code.. probably 1996 to 2005/2006 GM vehicles run this.. If you have a purple wire on pin 2 of the DLC this will talk to it.. You can run this on a separate atmega168 and talk to it serially, or you could modify the code as I am to be standalone..

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