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I never seem to get any replies?

Could anyone tell me if it is possible to combine a personally developed max/msp patch with the maxunio patch? Therefore creating a patch that an ardunio board can send messages to to trigger sound.



you can add your own patch, you just need to look at the included maxuino example patches and pass correctly formatted messages to the maxuino GUI object and it will send them on to the arduino.


I never seem to get any replies?

It could be that you are asking for very specific information. Most people here do not play with maxuino or indeed even know what it is. You could try a link to it in your question.

You are asking about interfacing to the arduino, the thing to remember is that the arduino looks to anything trying to talk to it just like a serial port.


I never seem to get any replies

You've only made three posts, and the last one started off complaining that you hadn't had replies to the first two!
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Well if you go to the Maxuino web page http://www.maxuino.org/ you will see that the purpose/function of what ever it is is just as obscure as the original question in this thread.  


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