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Oh gawd, it never did.  I'll have a look this weekend and see what sort of state it's in and give a go at making a version which works with 2.0.  If I have any problems I'll drop an email to the ML.


The link on the firmata site is still code from 2007.04.09.  Any chance you could put the pyduino code on berlios or sourceforge so that we can help you get it up and running.


Today i wrote orphans a mail asking if he can send me his newest pyduino version.
He was super-reactive and published it.
The link is in the next post from me, since this is my first, and some spam eater in this forum software doesnt want a link to show up in a first post.

This works very well with Firmata 2.0, wow!
I am using the Firmata sketchbook included in arduino-012, btw.

So, huge thanks to orphans!


I've modified the pyduino library to work with firmata 2.1, everything work except i2c comunication

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