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How can I interface Arduino and Java with eclipse? I am completely lost. Please help.

Thank you.   :o


Sorry !

I just realized that i goofed up and forgot to actually post the promised link.

Here it is.


I'm currently working on a much more advanced project involving Arduino and VB.net. When i get a little further more source code will be made available.

Your code is nice. I'm planning on modifying it to use in my own project: 2 Arduino that will send temperature readings to the computer. I will be using XBee to send the data wireless.


MikMo, do you still have the code for the Arduino?

I studied your VB code and saw that it reads a string from the Arduino. Then you parse it into 16 values. I was wondering what are these 16 values and how the Arduino send it (at once, or one at a time).

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