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I have this very simple keypad i got from junk which connects the pc using USB

I want to connect the keypad with arduino and want to get the input from that keypad, is it possible?


That's a very interesting question... I'm not sure, but i think it boils down to active vs passive usb.  The keypad is most likely an inactive usb device and wont connect.  Let me know if you find different.


ya even i think it ll be interesting to connect this to arduino and get input from it.

Anybody having any idea?


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you will need something that has usb host functionality if you want to keep it as usb

otherwise you can pop it open, and just wire to the switchpoints (and maybe ran through a shift register to keep wire count down)

(ps lefty has a very good point)


Not sure about that specific keyboard, but many modern PC USB keyboards can 'talk' via PS2 protcol with a converter plug. The Arduino platform does contain PS2 library programs.



Thank you for your replies. As i m a newbie to hardware, so can anybody guide me on how to do that PS2 stuff and make this keypad talk to arduino.

BTW its ok with me if its not USB, PS2 will also work as long as i am able to do a communication between Arduino n keypad.


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