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hello ,

i have some problem for connecting my arduino with Single Infrared Beam sensor

i don't know connect OUT and COM and also the code for programming

thanks :smiley-confuse:


We don't know what your Single Infrared Beam sensor is. So how could we possibly tell you?
  ... with a transistor and a large sum of money to spend ...
Please don't PM me with technical questions. Post them in the forum.


Seems to be two units. A transmitter and a receiver.
The receiver (not shown) must have a relay, according to a diagram on that page.

Connect "COM" to Arduino ground, and "OUT" to a digital input with the internal pullup resistor enabled in pinmode.
Maybe wise to set the jumper for NC (normally closed), so you can also detect wire breaks.
Read the digital input. It will be normally LOW, and HIGH with a beam break.

The two units need their own 12volt power sources.

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