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Hi all!

I've tried many things to make serial communication with SonyEricsson c902 and no luck :( . There are some posts on this forum regarding serial comm with SE phones but it did not work for me. The difference from my phone and one used in previous discussion is that my phone has new system connector.  
I have searched for system connector explanation and according to it, I should make a wiring the following way:

SE                                         Arduino
Pin 9 (GND) --------------------> GND
Pin 10 (RX) -------------------->  TX
Pin 11 (TX) -------------------->  RX

Is this correct? I'm I missing something?

The code running on Arduino is the following:

void setup()

void loop()
 // wait x seconds before sending a new command
 Serial.println("ATD000"); // AT command for calling number 000

Does anyone knows what am I doing wrong?

Thanks in forehand :)



Have you tried swapping the pins on the phone end? Some sony phones are set up as DCE, which means they send out data on the RX pin, and receive it on the TX pin. The names are relative to the microcontroller, not the phone.

Also, are you sure dialing 000 is a good idea? Do that in Australia and you'd have the police knocking at your door, it's the equivalent of the US 911...


I have the same problem, I tried to swap RX/TX but no luck. I try with a sony ericsson T250i. Did you find a solution to this problem ?

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