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Although very early in my project, I'm thinking ahead.  At the moment, all of what we have discussed is triggered by the Arduino and not the server.
If I had a need in the future to trigger events on the Arduino from the server, only using Ethernet, what are my options, if any?


Typically, the Arduino with ethernet shield acts as either a server or a client. All the stuff we've talked about so far has had the Arduino acting as a client, requesting information from the server.

It is theoretically possible to have the Arduino act as both client and server, so that clients can ask the Arduino to do stuff.

What kinds of things are you thinking that a client might ask of the Arduino-as-server?
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I don't have a specific requirement at present but I can see users losing thier cards and then ringing me up expecting me to sort it there and then.
I suppose having a facility to remotely control the pumps would be a bonus I'd be interested in exploring.

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