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I am trying to set up a wireless network using either an XBee or a ZigBee module. I want to be able to communicate with a Texas Instruments transceiver board.

I basically want to be able to control this transceiver like an RC car. Is it possible to use an XBee or a ZigBee to do this? If so, can you please help me in getting started.



Most of us are familiar with XBees. An XBee is a radio that implements a protocol, the Zigbee protocol.

It operates at specific frequencies.

If the TI transceiver board operates at the same frequency, and implements the ZigBee protocol, then the XBee might be able to talk to it.

Do you have a link to the TI device?

Where is the Arduino in this picture?

I basically want to be able to control this transceiver like an RC car.

I'm having a real hard time picturing a transceiver zipping around turning left and right, accelerating and breaking like an RC car. But, maybe you have a more active imagination than I do.  ;D


The TI transceiver can implement the ZigBee protocol. Basically, the transceiver device is a small pcb with the chip, a few components, antenna, and four output channels.

I am wanting to use the arduino to set up a control system to communicate with the transceiver via the XBee. I guess an RC car was a bad example. But for the project I am working on, my previous system was a re-purposed micro RC car.

I want to use the arduino and the XBee to control the four output channels on the transceiver device. The forums and tutorials I have read so far have examples of using two XBee modules to communicate with each other. I need some help linking one XBee to a different receiver.  Thanks


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OK. Here's a clue by four. Whack yourself with it a couple of times. Then, post a link to the TI device you are talking about.

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} while (linkPosted == false);



The TI transceiver is a CC2431. I did not actually design this device, which is why I'm having trouble with it. The designer sent me this link:


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