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As anyone have experiences with USB O-scopes like the one listed here?  It seems to have some good reviews...



Analog bandwidth: 250kHz
I wouldn't pay more than 25? for that piece of crap. And you always need to run your computer to use it.
The oscilloscope sold at seeedstudio.com for 49$ is stand alone and has an analog bandwidth of 1MHz.

You can't even display the arduino's clock frequency properly with that one.


You have a good point.  I missed that.  I have been searching for so long for a small simple o-scope.  I like it however  I was just hoping for something that I could pump off onto the computer... unless I am missing something.



the logic cube looks pretty cool, that is if digital logic analyzing is the main goal.


Forget it. I used a BitScope USB-based scope for a while and it just doesn't cut it. A scope needs to be a standalone piece of test equipment, and is probably the most useful thing you'll ever buy so get the best one you can afford.

Don't bother with any scope of bandwidth <100MHz. You'll just be fooling yourself on most signals. I recommend the low-end Instek scopes (e.g., GDS-2102). It's ~$1100 if you shop around but it will last years, while a USB-based scope will just frustrate you.


I got a very good piece of advice on the subject of scopes (and other sorts of test equipment) at my first lab job at college. There are three kinds: HP (now Agilent), Tektronix, and crap.


There are three kinds: HP (now Agilent), Tektronix, and crap.

Well...there's LeCroy, Yokogawa, and maybe a couple others that aren't "crap". But Agilent, Tek, and the above are definitely a class above the (cheaper) off-brands like Instek.


My opinion is biased, but Rigol has some very interesting scopes (50MHz 1GSa/s for $595, 100MHz 1GSa/s for $795 and so on).  They manufacture the low end scopes for Agilent.  

A logic analyzer can benefit from the larger PC or laptop screen, but I think a scope is much better in a standalone format.


I've been thinking about scopes as well.

I think I'm going to try out the owon 5022S.  They are on ebay for $325 shipped.  I hear the screen has a really narrow viewing angle - kinda bad.  But at least it's a dual channel, and can do math/storage functions.  I'm not expecting much for $325 - but it's either that, or an older scope that I might not trust so much.

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