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I am currently doing an embedded systems course in AVR programming. I have an Arduino Uno which i want to use as a substitute of the board they want us to buy..only problem is i dont know how to program it without using the ARDUINO IDE...Please help if you have any idea.


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1) remove bootloader (which technically will happen as soon as you use the ICSP connector to program it.)
2) Write code, compile to hex
2) use AVRDUDE (command line) to upload hex file using ICSP connector attached to any one of a number of programmers (STK200 compatible, or The Adafruit USBtinyISP, etc)

FYI:  YOU WILL NEED AN AVR ICSP PROGRAMMING DEVICE.  The boot loader eliminates this requirement and that's what makes this option popular.

Arduino is a pretty generic AVR development board when the bootloader is removed.  Any questions you have would best be answered at AVRFREAKS forums.

Using a non-Arduino bootloader is beyond what I'm willing to talk about... again... go to AVRFREAKS... that's your best source of info.


Or... upload your code from the command line with just the USB connection using the bootloader and AVRDude. :)
This... is a hobby.

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