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Antoine N.

first, i would like to thank the arduino community's posts which helped me a lot for most of my projects!

I'm looking for some help because i'm facing a problem to communicate between my arduino BT and C or C++ on Windows.
Although there is lot of post on -arduino & C
                                            -arduino BT & other software than C
i am not able to find something dealing with my subject and yet i have been looking for 3 months

The aim of my project is to treat and send informations to a robot which is making a map of his environment thanks to a telemeter.

The program which control the direction, the position, show the map etc has already been written in C so it won't be a problem to change it to a C++ program but i have to admit that both are the only languages i know.

My researchs lead me to the playground zone that brought me a C base, but it is not working on windows, that's why i tried the C++ version which works well with an arduino Duemilanove but not with an arduino BT because it is unable to connect to bluetooth's serial port.

Usually, i look for the answer until i find it, but i have been looking for 3 months and my poor knowledge in computer doesn't allow me to go higher...
It would be very pleasant to you to help me  :)

So if i missed any information that could help you to solve my problem, let me know.




Is the Arduino BT able to send data to the serial monitor?

If so, the C/C++ program should have no trouble connecting to the same serial port that the Serial Monitor was monitoring (when the Serial Monitor is NOT open, that is).

If the Arduino IDE and Serial Monitor can talk to the Arduino BT, there is no reason why the C/C++ application can't.

Unless you are using 64 bit Win7, that is.

Antoine N.

Yes, it is able to send and receive data to the serial monitor but there is a problem with every example that i found because C/C++ is unable to open this serial port.
It seems to be a restriction to the access to the serial port dedicated to the bluetooth communication due to a window protection


It seems to be a restriction to the access to the serial port dedicated to the bluetooth communication due to a window protection

That's a bummer. I wonder how the IDE and Serial Monitor manage it.


I accomplished this with a little OS called UBUNTU. my cell phone talks to Ubuntu BT with C++ then C++ talks to the usb serial port to make my mounted web cam Pan/Tilt.

The Words of MAKE. "If you can't open it, you don't own it."

Antoine N.

Thank but i tried with UBUNTU too and it didn't work.

But i found, not the reason, but the solution of my problem.
In fact, it was due to the computer, and i tried on another computer,
it works fine. I would like to know the reason...

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