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Author Topic: Hex Color Value to RGB array help  (Read 5312 times)
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hey all
i have search long and hard for a quick solution to a hex to array convertor,
strol() just hasen't provided the intended result, or maybe i am doing it wrong.

what i need is an array representation of a converted hex number:


   return array;

array = hexToArray("FFFFFF"); // this should yeild (255,255,255);

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strtol is a good way of converting the string to an efficient packed 24 bit container for the RGB values that you need. You could then add some convenience #defines to get at the components of the value returned by strtol:

#define RED(a) (a>>16)
#define GREEN(a) ((a>>smiley-cool & 0xff)
#define BLUE(a) (a & 0xff)

Don't forget that the 'base' parameter to strtol is 16.
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