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The system we have arrived at works this way:

1) There are arduino FIO boards with XBEEs in API mode. these FIOs have the special 'Funnel' version of Firmata. The difference between standard and funnel firmata is that the Funnel version keeps resending until it gets an OK signal back from firmata.

2)We have a USB serial\TTL to XBEE API in oordinator mode. (The master XBEE) No arduino Here

3) We then have processing running a sketch with 'maxlink' - an easy to use library that allows for processing to talk to max very easily.

4) In Max/MSP we have a maxlink object. It works very well with processing. This is, I think, a basic method of moving data. Not quite OSC.

the problem I was having was that my devices seemed to work perfectly - but not right away. I was having to start and restart the processing server over and over - sometimes dozens of times. then all of a sudden it would work. Sometimes it worked right after only 1 or 2 restarts. So I was very frustrated and came here looking for help.

In the end we do the following:

1) Turn on\plugin coordinator Xbee\USB
2)Turn on all Xbee Nodes (arduino FIO boards)
3) Start the standalone Funnel server
4) Use a flash movie which configures and tests each FIO node
5) Close flash movie and standalone funnel server
6) Start Max/MSP
7) Start processing movie


Quite convoluted. I am trying to get the flash movie itself to work with max - but it is not going easily.

I can share my code if you want. It will eventually be open sourced - the whole project will be including custom PCB designs - but in the meantime we are keeping a wrap on it.  Let me know if you are curious.


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