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Author Topic: Aquarium Reef Controller, stage 1, the LCD shield,  (Read 39532 times)
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You could post the soft Minder Reef V1.02 by Luke or his latest version. Since the V1.00 does not work the keypad.


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Wow has it been a long time since i was last on here.

*blows dust off Arduino mega*

Like all good things, they take time and sometimes lifes prioritys like university and work take over. i havent really picked up an Arduino in months and July 10 i had to dismantle my pico but thankfully i recently restarted it and this has kick started my joy for Arduinos again. last week i placed an order for a second Arduino mega i also go TONNES of "stuff" leds, resistors, basic chips, pots, mini strepper, sometihnglike 4 different LCD screens all of which to play with.

The main project is Kinda on hiatus at the moment its kept safe and i do plan to pick it back up but for now i brought the second Mega to work on "other" functions. so i would like to now take it down a notch, forget LCD's for a moment, pH probes, temperature probes those can all be intergrated later. for now i want to work on lighting.

Specifically How to interface 2 chains of 3 watt led's via buckpucks and PWM, and an RTC.

Im going to start a new thread to help declutter this thread and my new drive for lighting.

the first side thread is here:

and its about implimenting the lights.

tag along if anyone has any benficial infomation!
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