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HI Todd, thanks for the reply. The example does work, but i am getting strange results when i request the address. here is the output below.

Code: [Select]

Looking for a BlinkM: Device found at addr 2
Resetting address to default 9:
Setting address to: 1
Address: -1

what do you think? is this normal, or something a bit strange?  i can complete my project, but i think it's odd that the firmware updater doesn't work, nor when requesting an address, to get something meaningful back.



and... the last one...

it works, but i am really confused at "how" to send the addresses.

if the default address is 0x09, i would expect to change the address in a similar format - like 0x11, or 0x34. but if i write the destination address in that format - no luck, it doesn't work - if i write as plain 11 or 34, it works, so what is the  " "  or ' ' or 0x  for??  

byte blinkm1 = 11;  //default is 0x09, re-addressed
byte blinkm2 = 34;

thanks anyone for your help...

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