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But now I have another problem.
I'm trying to send email using this shield but i don t know how.


please pals one urgent request, is this module alone is enough ( anything else to be bought along with it? ) and can it be interfaced to arduino uno!

please reply guys.



what code to use if we want to use this shield to send email?? thanks. :o


Mine simply repeats SIND 1 and SIND 10 about every 10 seconds with about 5 characters of jibberish in between.  Does anyone know what could cause this?  If I'm lucky I may get a SIND 3 after 10 minutes and once got a SIND 4 and SIND 7.  I'm using the development board connected directly to a computer and have change BR to 9600 and band to 7.

Help would be hugely appreciated.


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