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Sep 16, 2006, 07:16 pm Last Edit: Sep 16, 2006, 07:17 pm by ilteris Reason: 1
Hello Arduino lovers,
I have built a circuit where I am getting values from a pre-amplified electrec mic and using those values to turn my gearhead motor in two directions. I am using a h-bridge to reverse the direction.  It is working ok, only my problem is it triggers kind of with delay of 1 second to 2 second than it should be.  I am assuming this could be because of the serial packets that I am sending. Here is my code and I really welcome your advices about the code.
Code: [Select]

int analogPin = 2; // analogIn
int analogValue = 0; // keep the value here

#define motor1Pin 13
#define motor2Pin 12
#define speedPin   9 // this is the pin that PVM from H-Bridge

void setup() {
 pinMode(motor1Pin, OUTPUT);
 pinMode(motor2Pin, OUTPUT);
 pinMode(speedPin, OUTPUT);
 digitalWrite(speedPin, HIGH);

void loop() {

 analogValue = analogRead(analogPin)/4; // scale down a little bit.
 if(analogValue > 200) { // if iserial value is over 200
   digitalWrite(motor1Pin, HIGH);
   digitalWrite(motor2Pin, LOW);
 else if (analogValue <200) { // reverse
   digitalWrite(motor2Pin, HIGH);
   digitalWrite(motor1Pin, LOW);

 //print in many formats:
 // print a tab
 Serial.print(analogValue);      // print the ASCII encoded decimal analogValue
 Serial.print('\t');                  // print a tab
 Serial.println();                    // print a linefeed and carriage return


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