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Just want to share some experience with other forum users. In case you reflow your own boards with chips such as ATMEGA328P-AU or ATMEGA1284P-AU or FT232RL, using leadfree solder paste has repeatedly made less jumpers for me.

Some people may warn you against using leadfree paste, for one, it requires higher temperature, for another, it produces less shiny junctions. So if you don't have many cheap plastic parts (battery holders, etc.) that melt at higher temperature, higher temperature is not a big issue. If you inspect carefully, even less shiny joints are not too hard to check for quality. The real benefit of leadfree paste is its less ability to wet surfaces. That translates to less jumpers. My most recent job had 20 small boards each having ATMEGA328P-AU and FT232RL. This time I did leadfree solder paste for comparison. All ATMEGA328P-AU are jumper free and most FT232RL are jumper free. I may have used a thick stencil and resulted in the FT232RL and some USB-mini jumpers. Overall it was a success. I used to have some jumpers between XTAL1 and XTAL0 on the ATMEGA and other places with lead paste. The XTAL jumpers (sometimes under the chip so you can't see) were very annoying. After flashing firmware the board would not work and I would try and add flux paste to the pins and do some fixes.
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