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Hello there,

I have written a rather complex sketch for the atmega168, which compiles to ~14.300 bytes, which means that there is no space left for more logic. However, I need approimately 300 - 500 bytes more.

Until now I did the following:
* Shared (very short) string-constants
* Maximized code-reuse
* Used the smallest possible datatypes (and no floats)
* Disabled some of the unused (non-decimal) serial-commands in wiring.c

(I use arduino 0007)

(I don't fear modifying some of the .c files for the board)

Now to my questions:
* Is it possible to switch arduino 0007 to C instead of C++?
* I found out that there are many string-functions like atoi, itoa, strcmp, strlen, ... compiled in. Many of them I do not use. Is there a possibility to disable them?
* I do not use shiftOut, pulseIn, min, max, abs, constrain and external interrupts. What is the best way to disable them?
* Is there any other way to get the sketch smaller?

Note: I do not want to overwrite the bootloader.

Thanks, Mr.M


Feb 16, 2007, 03:42 pm Last Edit: Feb 16, 2007, 03:43 pm by CosineKitty Reason: 1
If you are using Arduino 0007, I would recommend trying out the following library patch:


You may be surprised at how much smaller your sketch will get!



I had found the patch for the 0005er, but not the one for the 0007er. I'll try it out during the next week.


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