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dear  libhart  :
I am  student in Germany .  I am tring to put   "IBM PowerPC 750FX RISC Microprocessor"  machine into  sleep mode .

I have seen  your discussion with  "macsimski" .
so thought that you may help me on this matter .
hope to hear form you soon .


This topic has really been the sleeper of the season...



Well I'll revive it then...

Nice work on getting the sleep code up and running.

For my project I want the microcontroller to wake up every 5 minutes or so and update one variable. Seems like a waste to not put it to sleep during the in-between times, but I don't want to have to manually wake it up, I was hoping it would wake up itself automatically.

Is there any way to use an internal interupt to wake it up, or alternatively, is there another (better?) way to do it? I think some of the PIC range have built in real time clocks, but of course who wants to use one of them...  

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