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and a pipe value unique to the slave
I know I am being pedantic but it seems to me very unfortunate that many of the examples use the variable name "pipe" to hold the 40 bit address. It would be so much clearer if that variable were called nodeAddress (for example) so it is quite clear that it is a separate concept from the 6 pipes.

When you say "pipe value" in the piece I have quoted I presume you mean the 40 bit address. That is certainly how I have my programs organized.

As far as the train control system is concerned I have two systems with almost identical software. For my own use I have a battery and an Atmega 328 + nrRF24 in the locomotive. I have also made some units for my model railway club which control the track power of a traditional layout but replace the traditonal wired hand-controller with a wireless one. The wired and wireless controllers are interchangeable. The purpose is to eliminate the problem of tripping over wires.

The intention for my own system is to use a single master nRF24 to convey PC generated commands to a number of battery powered locos.

Two or three hours spent thinking and reading documentation solves most programming problems.


Regarding pipes, I assume it started with the data sheets then continued on by the library writers. When first encountered, it took a little thought as to just what it meant. Like you, I wish a different term had been used.

On trains, very impressive method of controlling the system. Well done.

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