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I am using an atmega328 microprocessor, and the arduino0017 enviroment, but I can't seem to be able to load up the LCD examples to the chip. I am guessing the library is made for an atmega128 and it does not recognize the 328. Because arduino says it loads them up to the micro. but the LCD doesn't display anything.


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This is arguably the simplest way of wiring an LCD.  It has a supplied sketch but the same wiring will work with the standard library when you've got it working.  There are a million (almost) ways of getting these things to work, but theres a lot to get right. It shouldn't make any differnece which chip you're using. I know this works fine with the 328.



so I guess my problem is that I can't get the liquidcrystal library to work right ... any ideas where i can go and read up on how I can modify the liquidcrystal library so it will work with my chip and a 4x20 LCD?


Have you tried the tutorial?  It has some great pics. Liquid Crystal works fine with the 328.  My problem always comes down to the wiring.



Agreed, I have a 4x20 LCD, I've used it on a 328, 168, the atmega8 and even the Mega.

When I have issues it's generally a wiring issue, but more specifically I used to forget to use a potentiometer on the contrast pin. (or a voltage divider)

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