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I had a bunch of older W5100 shields bought at aliexpress and they worked quite well. I Just had to do the capacitor/resistor hack at the reret-pin to make sure, they do boot every time, the power was shut off.

Now I had some new ones with the label "HanRun 16/02" printed on the ethernet jack. And they don't work. Just the red power LED was on. I even thought of changing the "511"-resitor array to the 49.9 Ohm value.

But then I found this thread: There is a solder bridge between the pins of the ICSP and the metal housing of the SD-card slot on the posted pictures. And with my ethernet shields there was the same problem. I simply desoldered the SD card slot and voilá: Everything works!!! 


@quest4exit: Thanks for that info. I will add that to my list of questions when an ethernet shield doesn't work.


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I had EXACTLY the same inital problem, and it was caused by a solder bridge between the SD card slot case and one of the pins in the block of six pins connecting to the Arduino.

I removed the solder bridge by melting the solder with a soldrering ironand tapping the board on the bench, and my ethernet shield started working.

My shield was sold as XC4412 by Jaycar in Australia.

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