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hy, i wanna do a simple bitshifting.
heres my code:

   case 4:
     int zw1 = gameData1 >> 1;
     int zw2 = gameData2 >> 1;
     gameData1 = zw1;
     gameData2 = zw2;


but it doesnt work. yes, it enters this case, i checked that.

anyone an idea, why this does not work?

in 17 hours is my presentation of my diploma project. so if anyone got a suggestion, i'll be happy for it. ;)


You can just do:

gameData1 >>= 1;

But what's not working?  What data type is gameData1?


int gameData1 = 255;

just simple.


What you posted looks fine.  I suspect the problem is in part of the code you haven't posted yet.

- Ben

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